Hero's Hall

Eastchester is the town in which the adventure started. Four strangers met in the southern inn. Each felt compelled to make the journey to Eastchester and yet none of them would understand the meaning of the nights message.

Stargaze was the only one that had any glimpse into the meaning of the dreams they each had that night. The Guardians.

Awakening to smoke and heat the four made their way out of their rooms onto the upstairs landing. With them were three small children along with two mothers. Little time wasted they began tearing up the pillow cases and pouring on water from their flasks to make masks and the bedsheets to make rope.

Content Not Found: abiso_ leapt out a window sliding down the wall of the adjacent building into the alley below. Strife and _Content Not Found: m-jaulnir began corralling the women and children into the room where the others were preparing the escape materials.

With only a few bumps and couple scares, the woman children were safely rescued.

Upon exiting into the main street the families were reunited and the town guard approached the adventurers with an offer. The Mayor would wish to speak with them about the cause of the fire.

Jenson is not a calm man when it comes to parts of his town being burned down. One of the only three inns in town has been destroyed and he quite frantic. “Did you see the dragon!?” He asked the group as soon they got within earshot. “What!?” The party exclaimed. Surely this man is mad. The quick thinking and money seeking Tiefling was the only one to treat him as though Jenson wasn’t insane.

It was then that the party learned that to the south there appears to be a group of Drakes being sent by someone. They appear to be trained to drop some sort of explosive on the town. No one has figured out who or hwy this has been happening. The Mayor asks the party if they would be willing to help.

After some bargaining the party is promised magic items upon their return. For the time being they are granted services at the best smithy in town and a set of horses to get them to their destination.


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