Young White Dragon

dragon, drake, kobold, mountain

The adventurers came to the base of the mountain. There they spotted Nykolai who was standing by watching his hired mercenaries fight the two drakes that guarded the gate to the base of the mountain.

As soon as they arrived they saw two spitting drakes jump to top of the wall. The drakes made short work of the mercenaries.

Noticing the adventures, Nykolai turned to them and offered to pay them if they would take him to the top of the mountain. With this being the point of their mission they accepted the additional reward and help of the Artificer.

After dispatching of the guard drkes the gate opened and a Pseudodragon rushes out and attempts to sting the fighter. Barely missing it stopped and turned to find itself too close to it’s enemies. And was quickly killed.

Spear Tep

Second battle

Young White Dragon


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